My 10-Year Engineering Journey at SmartRecruiters

Posting date: 05/10/2022

Ten years in tech feels like an eternity, but I joined SmartRecruiters in April 2012 and haven’t looked back. I was engineer number seven at the company, and we were just setting up an office in Krakow. That’s how my journey began.

Career Growth

The best part about working here has been the ability to change my career multiple times. I went from being an engineer in one of our product teams to building internal tooling for other engineers and then finally into management, where I was able to grow my team. One month ago, around my 10th anniversary, I was promoted to VP of Engineering. Changing my role and focus every few years was an incredible learning experience. My organization grew over time, and now I have a chance to develop new engineering leaders.  

Impactful Work

Working at SmartRecruiters is unique because we are here to connect people with jobs, and I don't think there are a lot of problems out there that have such a massive impact on the global economy and people's lives. If we do our job well, a hospital will hire talented doctors, a school will get great teachers, and millions of job-seekers will apply and get through the interview process with less stress. This is something that keeps a lot of us here.

The recruitment industry has a lot of opportunities for improvement, and we believe technology can do that. If you are a technologist, this is the perfect place to be. The company structure ensures you directly impact the product. You can see how the features you build immediately make a difference in the users' life. It is the perfect blend of product management, design, and engineering working together to solve a challenging problem.


When people choose to stay in or leave a job, an important factor is leadership. I’ve been happy at SmartRecruiters for so long because I've never met a person like our CEO Jerome, who can share a vision so vividly and talk about the company's direction with such passion and clarity. He is also a product person, so it's a perfect mix of having a charismatic CEO who really understands digital products and cares about them deeply. 


We also have a very diverse group of R&D leaders. Our CTO, the VP of Product, one of the VPs of Engineering, and the Director of Design are all accomplished women leaders who are amazing at their jobs. They really do care about diversity and inclusion and ensuring that they are continuing to bring in even more diverse talent to drive our mission forward. 


One of SmartRecruiters values is “As One,” and you really feel it here. It's not an empty phrase. The scale-up experience can be overwhelming. We are growing fast, experimenting a lot and trying new things all the time. Lots of things are in-flight, which can be a stressful experience. One way to mitigate this is to have a strong team that cares about each other. And that has been the case for me. I am surrounded by very kind, supportive people who have invested a lot in me over the years. 

Job Opportunities

As we continue to scale, we’re hiring engineers for our R&D teams in EMEA. If you are interested in joining SmartRecruiters, we are remote-first but also have offices located in Krakow and Berlin. I invite you to search our openings below and connect with me on LinkedIn if you have any questions.

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By Michal Nowak

SmartRecruiters VP of Engineering

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