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Becoming Rave-Worthy

At SmartRecruiters, it is our mission to become the most rave-worthy workplace in the world. By building a team of talented, curious and passionate people who know progress over perfection is the path to innovation and success, we're here to change the recruitment industry forever.

Hear from Lehua, our SVP of People

This is a picture of the SmartRecruiters team at a hiring event

Our Values


As a Smartian, you operate as the CEO of your own job: being completely accountable for the work that you do.

As One

As a Smartian, you work as part of a team: you celebrate success as a team and you never let anyone fail alone.


As a Smartian, you are always looking for a way to be better, faster, stronger.


As a Smartian, you believe in our mission. You too are here to change the (recruiting) world forever.

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