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Join the Search Marketing Team at SmartRecruiters! 

Are you passionate about transforming the future of recruitment through cutting-edge search marketing strategies? We believe in reshaping how companies attract, engage, and hire top talent. Joining our Search Marketing team means being at the forefront of the recruitment revolution, where your ideas and efforts directly impact how our customers grow their teams. 

We are on the lookout for talented individuals to join our dynamic Search Marketing Team with SEO jobs, content writing jobs, PPC jobs and programmatic advertising jobs available. As a key player in the evolution of hiring technology, we are seeking dedicated professionals to help us elevate our customer's digital presence and drive innovation in the recruitment space. 

If you have a passion for SEO, SEM, and all things search marketing, we want to hear from you! Whether you're a seasoned professional or a rising star, we value talent, innovation, and a commitment to excellence. Your work in the Search Marketing team will contribute to shaping the hiring landscape on a global scale, making a tangible impact on businesses and job seekers alike. 

Ready to shape the future of recruitment with us? Join our growing, remote-first Search Marketing team and be part of a dynamic company that values your skills, fosters growth, and rewards innovation.

Our core functions within Search Marketing


Our SEO Consultants and Specialists drive online visibility, optimise content, and shape unique, cutting-edge strategies for our wide portfolio of customers.

Within the SEO function, you'll collaborate with dynamic teams, leverage cutting-edge tools, and make a global impact. Elevate your career, pioneer industry trends, and be part of a company committed to revolutionizing hiring.

If we have SEO jobs available, you'll see them below.

Content Marketing

Our Content Marketing Consultants and Specialists are the architects of engaging narratives that reshape the recruitment narrative. Collaborating with the SEO team, our content marketers curate compelling content to amplify our customers' employer brand and visibility online.

If you're ready to elevate your content marketing career and craft content strategies tailored to diverse industries, we want to hear from you!

If we have content writer jobs available, you'll see them below.

Digital Advertising

Our Digital Advertising Specialists lead the charge in crafting impactful campaigns that redefine recruitment strategies. They are the driving force behind targeted campaigns that redefine how businesses connect with top talent.

Working in our Digital Advertising team, you'll work on programmatic and/or Google Ads, harnessing data-driven insights, and revolutionizing talent acquisition for our customers. 

If we have PPC jobs or programmatic advertising jobs available, you'll see them below.

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Becoming Rave-Worthy

At SmartRecruiters, it is our mission to become the most rave-worthy workplace in the world. By building a team of talented, curious and passionate people who know progress over perfection is the path to innovation and success, we're here to change the recruitment industry forever.

Hear from Lehua, our SVP of People

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Our Values


As a Smartian, you operate as the CEO of your own job: being completely accountable for the work that you do.

As One

As a Smartian, you work as part of a team: you celebrate success as a team and you never let anyone fail alone.


As a Smartian, you are always looking for a way to be better, faster, stronger.


As a Smartian, you believe in our mission. You too are here to change the (recruiting) world forever.

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