The Leadership Promise

We are committed to supporting the development of exceptional leaders at SmartRecruiters. In 2022, we created the Leadership Promise. As part of each manager's development process, they pledge to shape their actions in line with their commitment to their teams and the entire organization.

SmartRecruiters' Leadership Promise and its Importance

You can hear more from our Founder and Chairman of the Board, Jerome Ternynck, about the importance of leadership at SmartRecruiters. 

Hear from our Founder, Jerome Ternynck

Our Values

CEO of Your Job

We own the work we are responsible for and believe in others to do the same.

As One

We win and lose as a team and take pride in fostering a transparent, diverse and fun working environment.


We celebrate initiative, seek continuous improvement and consistently drive ourselves & others towards success.

Impact Always

We are here to change the recruiting world forever.

Values-driven Leadership

Who signs the Leadership Promise
Find out who signs the Leadership Promise

Who signs the Leadership Promise

Who signs The Leadership Promise

Our leadership promise is an ongoing commitment - signed once a year, but lived out each & every single day. In 2022, 100% of People Managers at SmartRecruiters received training and signed The Leadership Promise. These efforts will cascade to every single SmartRecruiters employee - as we believe all people lead, regardless of their title.

Lehua Stonebraker
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Lehua Stonebraker on Values-Driven Leadership

Lehua Stonebraker, SVP of People

Values-driven Leadership
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Why Values-driven Leadership

Values-driven Leadership

Growing leaders (and growing as a leader!) is not an easy task. That's why it's important that we have a clear understanding of what is expected from every leader here at SmartRecruiters. The core of these expectations are based on our 4 core values.

We look at values that will impact all behaviors of our organisation and ultimately are the way that we measure performance success - by not only WHAT work we do, but HOW we do it.

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Igniting the Leader Within: Embrace Growth Together
Find out who signs the Leadership Promise

Igniting the Leader Within: Embrace Growth Together

Igniting the Leader Within: Embrace Growth Together

At Smart Recruiters, we recognize that growth and development matter not just for our business, but for each of us as individuals. We're all on a journey to grow as leaders, and we're committed to nurturing this growth together.

WDeveloping as a leader is no easy task, but it starts with understanding our expectations, rooted in our four core values: impact, CEO, smarter, and as one. We strive to create an organization where performance is measured not only by the work we do, but how we choose to do it.

Together, we acknowledge the need for a different type of leader – one who embodies integrity, values trust and credibility, embraces vulnerability, and fosters curiosity over critique. We challenge each other to become these leaders.

Remember, regardless of your position, you are a leader in your own right. As part of the Smart Recruiters family, you have the power to influence and inspire others in various aspects of life. It's time we all tap into this innate power.

Our leadership promise is an ongoing commitment, lived out every day. We've trained our people managers, and now it's time for all of us to align with these values. By doing so, we'll accelerate our collective transformation and create a better working environment for everyone.

Join us on this journey as we embrace our potential and unleash the leader within. Together, let's make a lasting impact.

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